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Overview Of Corunclima Product Series
1. All Electric Air Conditioner
With dozens of years' professional experience in the industry, Corunclima fully understands the importance of sleeping well under cool and comfortable in driving cab for drivers. Besides, all concerns about the maintenance, economic benefit, environmental factor, etc. will be in careful consideration while in R&D and manufacturing. With solid technical foundation, we highly recommend Corunclima's 6th generation all electric air conditioner to our clients.
According to cooling capacities of different product series, all electric air conditioner series could be classified into 1kw, 2.2kw, 3kw, and 8kw.
2. Transport Refrigeration Unit
As increasing need for cold-chain transportation on road nowadays, a sound and rational transport refrigeration unit kits for all transport vehicles becomes more and more important.
Corunclima, as cooling expert in the industry, aims at current cold-chain trend, offers a set of complete and comprehensive transport refrigeration unit kits. Just easy press on controller in cab, your chiller and freezer requirement and cost-effectiveness goals have been easily achieved.
3. Bus/Van Air Conditioner
As a shuttle from one place to another, the feature of all bus categories requires the cooling system should be powerful even intermittent stop and restart. To enhance and ensure the cooling capacity while let the cooling system stay in high energy efficiency status, Corunclima offers bus air conditioner series to satisfy the cooling need of all buses.


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